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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

XP and Vista comparison...

Finally, a review I actually trust of the comparison between XP and comes from Tom's Hardware in the article "Windows XP vs. Vista: The Benchmark Rundown". In preparing for the benchmarking TH had to setup the OS with the following checklist:
* Tweak the OS: turn off animations and AeroGlass for maximum system performance.
* Disable User Access Control to prevent it from interrupting certain benchmarks.
* Have the OS process pending idle tasks
* Turn off system restore
* Install all applications, and execute them several times (with restarts in between) to make SuperFetch aware that you want them to be available.
* Don't use the system after reboots during your SuperFetch training period: this way, Vista gets sufficient idle time to "superfetch" applications.

With the checklist done and the hardware was off to the benchmarking. Great work and worth a look for those of you still on the fence about jumping into Vista.

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