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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Booyah...learning with pictures

Now I don't know how much easier it can get than learning by pictures and the folks at inpics brings this novel idea to you. I am no slacker at using many of the M$ Office applications, the Open Office alternatives, and even web design products...but I will I wish I had a pic-toot back in the day. It would have saved me a little time in using the much unused built in tool that all these applications have done pretty good in integrating for a long time...yes...the help option. Pics do beat the whole learning by searching for what you hope is the right term or action...but combined with the elusive help option...this is an unbeatable force.

In all the click-a-pic-to-learn is cool and hats off to inpics, but it is amazing how few people actually put the effort into actually using the "help" option that is found in almost all application today. As a technician I can vouch for the countless times I have been called to help out with an Excel spreadsheet...Joe User couldn't make his calculations or chart work...well I never said I was a pro and would inevitably use the help function in front of the user. All the while explaining how it is probably the most under used part of most applications. Hehe...never got a call from them again...and no...I did not say "MOVE!" or demean anyone...just talked to whomever. I know one thing...I have been in the USER seat need for the degrading and such. Anywho...check out the learn-by-pic!

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