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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Who comes before me....hrm?

Okay...I am sure some of you folks know that in addition to running this main personal site is A site I have had for about 5-6 years now and has been in a constant state of change for about 5-6 years I am in the process of doing another make over on that site...I hope to be done in a week or so.

Now...on to what this blog post is about. I was wondering who all came before me on a Google search last night and had to check it out. Something I haven't really done in a LONG time and I figured since my site has consistently been on the web for so many years that it would rank high as my META information has been unchanged and generally the content has been consistent with nothing. Would these factors of content and META information have an effect on my search status. How far back in the list would I be if I searched for "ctrl" or "ctrlzone"? Well here are some totally useless figures for those waisting your time on this post :p

ctrl = bottom of the 8th page
ctrlzone = number #1; blogspot #2

Not too bad for someone who has done very little in the search engine arena. Knowing this information...I figured "what the hell", let's see where I rank on some other we go...Yahoo first:

ctrl = queued not to the back of the bus...but out the back door of the bus...never found my site
ctrlzone = blogspot #1/2; ctrlzone #3

Now let's try MSN:

ctrl = queued back to the first pages of internet time apparently...didn't list it
ctrlzone = webmail server was #1; ctrlzone #2; blogspot missed the cut

Okay...with all this information I have managed to make myself a little project, see what I will have to do to either "get" ranked or "increase" my rank on these three search sites. So, keep an eye out for a follow-up on this blog entry...and a how-to for those beginning a site and need to know how best to get ranked. Thanks for your time...hopefully not wasted completely :P

EDIT:: 01/18/2007
Oddly enough I ran across this article on USAToday, "How to get Google to notice you"

EDIT:: 01/19/2007
Just wanted to add some links as an update to this article. The following links are where you can submit your URL for the given search engine. Some of these search engines also allow for your site to be authenticated...I will add these links as well.

MSN - Site Submission / No authentication link that I was able to find

YAHOO! - Site Owner Page / Site Submission / There is a whole list of tools that Yahoo! provides to get your site "out there", all of which can be accessed from the Site Owner Page. Some of these services do require you to login or have a Yahoo! ID.

GOOGLE - Webmasters Central / This one link is all you need to get your site out there with Google. Of course, this is just for submission and such...not for any other Google tools like Adsense and so on.

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