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James Madison (American 4th US President (1809-17), and one of the founding fathers of his country. 1751-1836)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Holy crap...what were they thinking?

This is a classic episode of no foresight...welcome to StolenIDSearch. The site explains it's purpose as follows:
StolenID Search is a free service that tells you if your personal information has been stolen or compromised. With our easy–to–use search engine, you can search more than two million pieces of compromised personal information—credit card and social security numbers—to see if your information has been misused.

However, the problem occurs when those less than respectable people use this as a tool to confirm or search for actual information...information such as your Social Security Number or Credit Card Number. The idea has it's merits...who wouldn't want to know how their information is being used..."IF" it is being used unscrupulously. It is those people that want to take this information and use it for means other than their intent is the problem. They can go to this site and type in random numbers until something hits...if it is your social...boom identity theft as they have confirmed that this is a valid social. If it is your credit card...well...we all know what happens then. In any event...think of what you use to verify information, which I guess means...keep the information you use for such searches private.

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