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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

NAS options...

You know me...and my articles thus far...hehe...I ran across this article "FreeNAS makes it easy to add storage to home networks" @ The article in essence talks about the authors experience in setting up FreeNAS, a linux distro for setting up a NAS Server.

NAS, Network-attached Storage, is network accessible storage device/machine...that is great to have in this time of people downloading in mass everything from MP3's to ISO's. You need space for this kind of past-time...lots of space depending on your needs. In my opinion your storage options have to be expandable and well...I just don't get that loving feeling from FreeNAS when there are other linux distro's that would serve this purpose better.

If I had to have a box with a 'nix distro...I would be more prone to just toss Ubuntu on a machine, some cheap form factor PC with a USB port. The PC would be something along the lines of a Shuttle build with a large drive inside, this after adding a low end CPU / not much ram / etc..., and toss Ubuntu on it. I would also go as far as getting a USB hub for external drive expansion. WWith all the external drive enclosures out there it makes for a great way to expand a NAS when needed. Boom, Bang, Done...with this option.

The other option for a NAS is to just buy a an external drive that has a network port that supports NAS orrrrrrrrrrrrrr you can get an external drive that has built in wifi...for a wireless NAS which would be SUWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET. Either option...wired or wireless...this is the easier option, albeit a more expensive one in the end. However, it would be cool to have a desktop full of wifi drives blinking away...hell...I wouldn't be picky...give me either. Expandability being the ultimate goal of either option going the external drive (wired/wireless) or via a 'nix machine. In that area...the exteral NAS solution is the best IMO and since it is my opinion it MUST be right!

Here is a link to the wifi drive option...too cool to not mention:

Tritton Technologies - Wifi NAS Drives

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