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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Gaming performance XP vs Vista / ATI vs NVIDIA...

There have been an enumerate amount of articles shooting down game performance on Vista, most of which entitled "Vista kills games"! Left one with no doubt as to the performance of Vista, or lack thereof when it came to games shut down a lot of the gamer community to actually jump into a Vista upgrade. Of course I do not mean that all gamers were turned off for this reason, as I suppose that a good number of gamers are among the technorati and have other reasons for not diving into this latest M$ OS release. The point being...I have seen quite a few stories of the bads of trying to game on Vista but no real benchmarks to back up the claim and definitely no gaming comparisons between XP and Vista...along with a comparison between ATI and NVidia. Tom's Hardware did a Vista vs XP comparison and benchmark, but not a detailed gaming and card manufacturer (big two) comparison/benchmark. Then along comes a pretty good review by the folks over at PC Perspective and their article "Windows Vista Gaming Performance - NVIDIA and ATI Compared".

They did an awesome comparison of the two OS' and of the two video card's. What I found most surprising was that in the end...they did not bash Vista on gaming. You will have to read the article to learn the finer details of the comparisons they undertook and trust me it was a good read.

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