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Monday, January 1, 2007

Cool Application...Offline Update by Hiese Security

Well here it is...I found this little tool while surfing about one day and totally just stumbled on it. This application is called "Offline Update" by Heise Security is perfect for updating your Windows 2000, XP or Server 2003 from Microsoft's servers in one download that will also make the ISO for you to burn in order to distribute the udpates for new machines or just those that have fallen behind on the update front. You can download Offline Update by clicking HERE!

This tool is great especially in what seems to be a time when as soon as a PC is hooked online it instantly becomes prey to all those nasty little things that come with being online...trojans, bots, and so on. So, by doing a build offline and then plugging any of those Microsoft OS holes with the updates you get using Heise's Offline Update tool you have saved yourself the time of doing those updates online with each machine you build via download...and you have the added sense of security that most vulnerabilities that are being exploited by those malicious applications are plugged.

It is a cool tool that I recommend highly and I do so as a person that has used this application. I am very pleased by the ease of use and truly like the fact that you can either burn to CD the ISO that is automatically created or you can make a network share of the downloaded files and in either case use the installation script to perform the udpates to the OS. Read the instructions on the links provided above and most definitely TRY IT!

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