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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

What is up with the domain name game? we go...a common complaint and wonderment by all who have ever sat in front of the screen typing for hours on end...racking one's brain for unique names...banging one's fists on either side of their keyboard while cursing so feverishly that spittle covers their screen, which pisses them off even more since now they have to wipe it away and smudge the screen. Yes...this is the process of trying to register a domain name.

Forget trying to find a name that has any similarity to what your site will be based on...unless of course if you want a .us, .biz, or .info suffix. You could probably find that name you want with some word before or after that dream domain name that really makes it sound stupid. Just imagine that you want the site, as this is your favorite you go and look it up on one of the many registrars and find to your amazement that it is taken. After thinking to yourself WTF...who in the hell would want that name...after you shake off your amazement you read the first get the suggestion for one of the previously mentioned suffixes....then as you browse further you find suggestions to add one of many words to the front or end of your domain like health/jump/incorporated/swim. The only thing you can mutter after all of this is WTF!? you are want that domain, so you investigate who has it...first you type the the page loads it looks somewhat familiar to so many other domains you have seen...those domains that have nothing to do with the name, but a lot to do about different searches and how to buy tickets. Finally you notice in the top corner there is a link..."Buy This Domain" you click it...and boom...your at a page of domain auctions...seems you can own this gem of a domain for $2500.00. Again you are baffled and left with that utterance...WTF!!!

Yes...this is the story...some jackass has gone through the trouble of typing in a shit load of domain names...with no intention of ever putting a site up...well at least a site with any substance...just a search site template that they have on another 1000 domains that they have registered. In doing some research on various registrars on the total number of registered domains...the common number is around 112 million domains. Wow...that is a lot...imagine if all of those had useful information. Better yet...imagine if half of those had information on some shit you could care less about...hey...while we are improving...suppose that by some chance in hell or out of the Bush Administration's grasp...that all of those sites were actually out there...with information of some type and not some crappy search site. I would rather there be a site about some incest ridden family of rednecks from back woods West Virginia that was all about how to make moonshine by using urine and salt, than a domain that isn't being used.

I hate these people that squat on these domains in the hopes of coming rich by holding the names hostage...from those who would set them free with that life giving content. I hate equally those people that actually pay the ransom for these is you who have made a market for these slime balls. Anyhow...that is my rant...they need to set limits on how long it should take to put content on a site...and work on determining what to do about these sites that are being squatted with a template used on 1000 other sites...identical that is to the same admin. I wish there was something that could be done! What do you think of this issue?

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