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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cool tool for file sharers...

First off...when I say file sharers of course I mean those sharing files that are can define that on a person level. Anyhow...back to the blog...I was digg'in it and found this post on Web Worker Daily in the article entitled "Sharing large files over a unique URL". The article is all about a couple of file sharing services...the first is Senduit and the second is Yousendit.

Senduit is the shizzy in that you don't have to provide your email or so on. You upload your file, which is said by Web Worker Daily to be 100mb, but I have not tested via upload or read anywhere on Senduit's web site (which I looked thoroughly through)to confirm this. Once you upload your file(s) get the option to email it to whomever, most would think this is where they get ya...but alas no! When you select the option to email your opens your local default email program to email the link. Pretty darn also have the option to put how long this file will be available, 30 minutes to a week. When you go to download the file there will be an advertisement on the download page, but that is really a small price for a free service.

The other option comes from Yousendit and unlike Senduit you have to enter your email address , as well as the recipients email address using their delivery a note both you and the recipient will get an email regarding the file. You can upload up to 200mb on the free account and more if you sign up for their professional account that is $4.99 a month. The professional account will strip the advertisements from the upload confirmation page and the file delivery page. The file will be available for 7 days once it is uploaded.

Both are cool services...but I will have to hang with Senduit as my service of choice as it has the extra step to not gleen my info. Check it out for yourself and see what fits your needs.

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