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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

A post on another blog that I had to share...

We have a little discussion going on over at Digital Inspiration and I was proud of my last post...hehe...pride rules:

On the same account most professional bloggers are reporting or passing on information to a smaller more critical group of readers in most cases....some of which rely solely on the information that a professional blogger will pass, I think that professional bloggers are held just as accountable as the professional reporter/journalist...if not more accountable to their niche.

I also tend to think that when one considers themselves a professional in anything they decide to pursue as a career or that point they have decided that they will in fact be held accountable for what they report or in regards to the information they pass on.

If the reporter/journalist loses his job...maybe blogging would be a good outlet for their skill...thus in that hypothetical case...reporters/journalist and bloggers are in fact!

I beg to differ on what "anonymous" has to say regarding accountability and the assertion that professional bloggers do not have to be accountable. Sure they do, as much if not more than a professional writer/journalist. In both you are in essence giving your view or account on any given subject...with research and so on to back up your view or account. Yeah that is pretty tough and I don't knock that at all...and because they work for someone...yes their careers hang on their articles.

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