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Monday, January 22, 2007

"Immortal Computing"...that's hawt!

I just stumbled on an article that was all about the concept of sending messages to future decades or more in the future and yes...Microsoft wants the future too. Anyhow, as cool as the idea send messages to your future descendants to explain why "Joe Future" has an unsightly growth coming out the side of his neck that has skipped generations for generations would be cool. You might even want to pass on from the grave the final word to the descendants of your sworn enemy...and let them know that there family tree should have forked off to you back in great grandpa's day as you slept with his wife, great grandma, back in the day...signing it "WHAT A WHORE!".

I would love to be the one looking over the shoulder of those people that open these "Immortal Messages" down the road. I hate to say it, but I don't think that anything that a good majority of the population has to say would be very intriguing or even worth the space or artifact it was saved on. We are in a time of "entertain me" and "I want to watch" reality shows...we have skated beyond honoring those great minds that have changed our way of life and exchanged that for knowing who Paris Hilton is fucking in some hotel that we could never afford. There is more concern for the naked yatch of Britney Spears than what rights we are giving up to the regime of commander Bush. I hope that future generations change this focus and are more mindful of the future of mankind, exploration, and invention. These are the people that I would like to be behind as they read about this time in their history or reading the letters of their ancestors...just to say...WTF!?

Hehe...good article to read over at SeattlePIcalled "E-mail from the grave? Microsoft seeks patent on 'immortal computing'" it...then imagine on your own...what future message might be read by your descendants...and if you want...share them here!

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