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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Wow...the consummate source of Vista

Paul Thurrott's "Super Site for Windows" is no joke...and definitely THE source for windows info. I wouldn't say I am a fanboy of the site, but I will say that if there is anything you want to know about are bound to find it here. In the past I have used Thurrott's site to learn about slipstreaming and so on...among other things, but more recently I was looking for more information on Vista and is what I found, Windows Vista Activity Center.

When I first came across this page I had to do a double take...I could not believe the number of links that there were on this site that were specifically aimed at Vista. It had them all...links from reviews to news...if it was out is here. I have thought myself to be a link whore in the past, but if that was the case then WVAC is the whore house of Vista links. It is very informative, along with Thurrott's personal Vista reviews, and worth a look or two. I am not saying follow all the links...but if you want to learn a little bit more and you didn't get a chance at the Ferrari laptop to test Vista...then check this out.
Another site Thurrott writes for is Windows IT Pro:

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