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Tuesday, January 30, 2007 doing well...

It makes me happy to see a good site doing well and is such a site. If you haven't seen it...well crawl out of the hole you have been in and go check it out. It is probably the funniest thing you have seen in awhile. From what I have seen in the wide age ranges of friends and is fun for all. The fact that they stand to make $300k in advertising, or more, is IMHO (In My Honest Opinion) way past due. Thanks fo rthe great work and I hope you have much more success.

I read of the recent success, beyond what they had last year in the article "Ask A Ninja Makes $300k" @

Another link on the Askaninja deal above and I think the ninja has been unmasked :O
- "Ask A Ninja Joins Federated Media" @

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