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Sunday, January 14, 2007

NSA Key and Windows...dug from the past!

It has been discussed by Microsoft as recently as a few weeks ago that they used the NSA to help in the area of security for many releases of it's OS, including Vista. However, most people have been skeptical of the meeting of minds between MS and the NSA...or MSNSA :P The paranoia reached a peek back in 1999 when Andrew D. Fernandes of Cryptonym Corporation let it be known that he had found an 1024-bit public key. This key became all the talk when the release of Service Pack was discovered that this key name had not been was _NSAKEY.

Microsoft quickly explained it away and you haven't heard much from this since. Me being a freak and always suspicious...had to look up more my relief there is no such key, that we know of, in XP. It was a good trip though...reading all the information on this. I will provide some links below to read up if you find an interest in such things. Check ya!

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'Windows backdoor' theory causes kerfuffle
How NSA access was built into Windows

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