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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Cool page...full-o-stuff :P

Well folks...I stumbled again...found some more goodies. This time it comes in the form of On the initial page they have an entire directory of process names and once you find the one you want to know it...booyah...more information than you can imagine. This page is definitely worth the bookmark space...handy page!

Process Page

If you click on the second tab at the top of the page you can get their "Process Scanner" tool, which will:

* Offer you a results page that lists all the processes found on your system
* Give you clear, at-a-glance, categorized information on the task functions of each process listed
* Provide color coded information on the threat risk on all processes - from safe to dangerous
* Advise you what action you should take concerning the listed processes.
* Share reports

"Process Scanner" Download Page

Finally, if that wasn't have a list of three more tools on the right side of the screen(indicated by red shaded area below). These are online tools that require no installation and will help in maintaining and error free system. The first is a Registry Booster, which will diagnose and clean the registry of errors. Next in line we have is Speed Up My PC, which will give your overall system a boost by optimizing the overall system. Finally there is Spy Eraser, which as the name implies...will erase the spyware from your PC (The link on the site doesn't work correctly for Spy click here until they update the site).

Online Tool Location

I have added their process search utility to my page...looks like a cool tool...I will leave it for awhile. Check ya!

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