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Thursday, December 21, 2006

What is your commitment level to visiting a religious landmark?

I am sure most of you have seen this already, as it has been floating around for sometime now. You have got to be nuts or totally devoted to your religion to complete this route to get to a temple...if you weren't devout prior to probably will be when you one you have used said deity's name for protection several times during this trip. No reason to go to the temple with soiled pants...there is a set of outhouses setup at the end...but don't lean to much into the seat.

For the record this is Xian (Mt.Huashan)and it is located near the Great Wall of China. It is better known as Suan-kun ("The Hanging Temple") Monastery

With that...check the pics (Click on each image for larger version):

Stair way up

Still Climbing

Coal Car Transport
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No Room for Error
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Traffic on the boards
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Watch your step
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Those holes are steps
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The righteous follow a narrow path
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not so bad

Nice View

Nice icey stairs

Almost there...what a site
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Nice place for an outhouse
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Payoff 2
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