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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Getting called out

Well looks like no one is safe if you drive a gas hog, park like an asshole, or suffer from road rage. The web now has resources where you can take a picture and upload it in order to call out those jackass' that take up two spots for their Miata. Not only that, but you can also print off a complaint to leave on said persons' window, so they can visit the site to see what an crappy parker they are. Then we have a site that you can post the license plate and complaint of those people that drive like a selfish bastard with no regard for anyone elses' safety or consideration. This site is really cool in that other people that have witnessed this disregard of traffic laws by the culprit can drop a comment as well. Finally we have a site that you can call out these people who drive the monster SUV's...namely the H2...take a pic of you flicking off or giving the bird to one of these bricks on wheels and upload it. Mostly this is all in fun...and to call out some of these drivers that tend to make everyone a little angry at their actions. So check out these and a few other sites below:
-->Speed Trap
-->You Park Like An Asshole

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