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Thursday, December 21, 2006

This is what happens when you get to thinking on muscle relaxers

Here is a story I wrote about what I was thinking with all the airborn data out there...well here we are...the edge of technology...and on this burgeoning horizon we have found a trend...get rid of the wires. Seems as though everything is going wireless...networks are now transmitting 100+Mbs of information, various other wireless networks of varying speeds are popping up all over the place...from the home to the office. They are everywhere...cellular phones are putting in there bit of air born technology, GPS systems, Navistar, 2.4ghz land line phone units, and satellite signals are all bashing around in the air around us. I imagine our bodies are being barraged continually with all of this digital info...and in thinking of this assault on us...I wonder, when will all of this "data" start to effect us physically?

Will it be when we reach the 1gb threshold in routers? Imagine you are walking down the street and you stumble into the data stream of XYZ,s corporate network. Suddenly, you see images of financial figures whizzing by in your minds hear the voices of people conducting business calls on the VoIP system that was setup at freak out at first...but with the next step all is normal. As you stand beside the massive iron made piece of wonder..."what the hell?"

Am I losing my freakin' mind? Or did I just have some kind of digital flashback? Being the curious beings that we, the people of earth, you jump back to your previous position...away from your iron protector. WHAM! You body stiffens as you take in the new bits of data that are whizzing through your receptive brain. More spreadsheets, well worded documents, the voices of the interoffice couple involved in the baby talk of a doomed relationship, and the blast of a bold black font "NOT AUTHORIZED" from what appears to be a web browser that has reached a website that an employee shouldn't be at.

The bold black letters make you lose your footing...and you fall back behind your metal protector. Laying feel the tickle of sweat rolling down your cheek...and the parting of your lips as you if you have discovered something. "Wow!" you think..."I must be a superhero or something!" Not content with what you have seen thus far you rise to your feet...squat slightly and prepare to jump back into the stream and see what else this river of information has for you. Like a place jumper you spring into the air and land dead center of where the stream is. BAM! Again the information is drenching every fiber of your mind..."New updates found..." pops in first...the tale tale sign that another M$ hole has been found...again! You pick up the header of a transfer..."The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King" and you realize almost instantly that someone has setup a Kaaza share on the network. "Probably an admin?!" you think as the invisible force of the data stream continues...unrelenting. Reports, pictures, voices, calculations, bank is all too begin to feel your body sway in the overwhelming current of the feel yourself sense yourself falling from the stream as if you are pulling your head out of the water. As your backside hits the hard pavement...then your are stunned in the dark silence of your mind...and suddenly "N 36.17504� W -86.773917�" pops in your head and you realize, thanks to GPS, you are where you should be...Nashville!

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