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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Time for a good bitchin' again...about the Digg-Wii stories

All praise the Wii from Nintendo, but good lord...I for one have heard enough. I am sure that this unit is amazing not only in its graphics, but in its gameplay as well. It does sound like an amazing unit that physically draws its players into the game. However, how many stories does there have to be on this subject. Sure if I owned one I would want to hear about defective straps that might make me hurl my joystick/gamepad (whatever they call it!) through my tv, into the wall, or cause bodily harm to someone else in the room. That is awesome...get that information out there and how to replace the units. What I personally don't need is so many sites talking about how great it is...over and over and over and over again. The number of stories alone leaves one to be suspicious if most of these stories aren't being planted by the minions at Nintendo. I myself wonder if Digg isn't on the payroll of Nintendo just by the shear number of stories that seem to populate its page(s). I did an unscientific search of stories submitted in the last 24 hours of news on Digg and well there were a total of 8 1/2 pages or 127 stories in just the last 24 hours. The TOTAL number of stories regarding Wii in the last 7 days was 720. The TOTAL number of stories regarding Wii on Digg for all time was 9915. there something more compelling, informative, or useful that could have filled those spots...haha.

Here comes the consiracy theory...and I don't blame Digg for this blatent Wii attack, or should I :P There is one of two things happening here...either in a bid to take over the world of gaming news Nintendo has paid off someone to just submit stories to Digg OR Digg has become bed partners with Nintendo to promote this gaming console. HRMMMMMMMMMMMM? You call it!

Either way...enough is enough...STOP ALL THE DAMN "IT'S THE GREATEST.." WII POSTS!!

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