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Thursday, December 21, 2006

What is up with the what about me factor

It is freakin' rediculous how all of a sudden, maybe not suddenly...but freshly noticed by me, we are hearing about all these religious zealots that are suing everyone because they feel their religion isn't represented in different Christmas displays. One such story involved a Rabbi in Seattle who sued or threatened to sue a Seattle Airport that had put up Christmas trees throughout, because he didn't feel that the Jewish holiday wasn't fairly represented. The Seattle airport responded by taking all the decorations down...that had been used continuously for 15 years. How about the Catholic church that threatened lawsuit on a public park that had put up Christmas lights and the like...along with some Jewish decorations...but apparently did not have a nativity setup. So again, the town decided to take down all the decorations...but that wasn't enough...the Catholic church is continuing with a lawsuit for said nativity to be setup.

I guess my real question is...when does it stop. Are people in private residences that put up the elaborate displays gonna be sued because someone feels that their religion is not represented. I hope in the end that when it comes to private displays at residences and so on...that the courts will realize that these private citizens have the right to display those decorations according to their beliefs and do not have to satisfy a frivolous lawsuit.

The other side of this is...what is considered a Christian display that sets off these other religions to want their religion represented? Is a decorated tree representative of Christian? A wreath? a nutcracker? Santa Claus? Will every church or religious building/grounds have to represent all religions in their setups? It's a tough one...where does it end and why does it seem to be a more recent thing or more common?

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