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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Default Passwords...change them!

Get ready for a fun ride...a little information that would seem to be obvious to me...but then again...I am paranoid and a little suspicious of "THE MAN", so that is my excuse for changing the password on anything that comes with a default password. However, it seems that more users that aren't in the know...seem to be too busy to make such changes and when they end up with problems or such when others get access to their hardware or software that have a default password...well...the world comes apart and then changing the default password doesn't seem to be such a bad idea. Especially when you have sites like this, Phenoelit, putting that stuff out there.

Now...some folks will go overboard on what they put passwords on and that just seems like a waste of there are some manufacturers out there that think that some items need a backdoor password. A backdoor password is a password that is used to bypass any other password used for a protected item. One such item is the BIOS Password...the password you can set to boot up with and/or access the bios with. The bios password is just annoying for the mere fact that it does have a what is the use. Site(s) like these,Tech Faq - UTK Support - 1n73r and my site now too I guess, make setting a bios password useless to use. However, I don't how many manufacturers have kept this policy of including a backdoor password, as none of the ones listed worked on my Motherboard. This practice sucks, but it is in fact handy if I am working on someone else's PC...and need to get builds brownie points and confidence from the person I am doing work for :P

Now don't assume that just your machine has backdoor passwords or default passwords. These default password can also be in Routers, Switches, and many other components that connect one computer to another and on down the line. In just the last four months there have been stories reported of people hacking X companies routers to monitor the traffic. Now of course the media said it was a hack or that they were hacked was a dumbass admin that didn't take the time to change the default password on his router(s) to prevent such things.

In the end...the thing you wnat to do is change any default will be the safer for it and leave any blame of fault on your own shoulders for any problems. Thanks...and good night!

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