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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Day of Amazement

My first amazing realization of the day comes in the form of prescribed medication. I find it amazing that a 1000mg of Vicoden packs less of a punch than a 10mg muscle relaxer. I am a lightweight with meds...but that little 10mg dude puts me down...knocks me the hell out. I don't get much in the area of effects from Vicoden...I am personally convinced that it is a placebo made by the medical "MAN" to phsyc us into believing it is going to do something...I am thinking this dude is just aspirin. Someone made a comment to chug some whisky with it...well...I think if I chugged some whiskey with the Vicoden...I would be drunk with again I still think the Vicoden is a placebo.

Anyhow...on with amazement...the second thing that suprised me was that Adobe Photoshop CS3 BETA has been out all of a day and it is already hacked...well made so there is no expiration on the trial period. By renaming a file for Windows and by a hexedit or file rename on a MAC. Goes to prove...for every security measure there is a counter...and usually pretty quick.

The next amazement is more scary than anything...I was reading this article at United Press International about how in a Nuclear Warhead dismantilling site in Texas...they ALMOST blew up a nuclear warhead by applying to much pressure trying to dismantle the head. They ALMOST unleashed the power of a bomb that is estimated to be "100 times more powerful than the bomb dropped in Hiroshima". Luckily a nuclear watchdog group fined them last month for this mishap that happened in 2005. Kind of leaves you wondering what some of these people are doing without our knowledge..and in the we really want to know.

That will do it for today...I am about to eat some chilli...WOOHOOO!

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