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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Lots of reading

I ended up spending alot of my day...well all of my day reading. I don't really know how much useable information I read, but it was a whole days worth. There weren't any novels, poems, or short stories. Just surfing the web and reading some articles...some of which were quite interesting. They ranged from the solar storm that was heading our way to the top 100 list of things we didn't know this time last year. Like I said...most of this was not too interesting to most I am sure. Although there were good fillers in between those two examples I gave.

One of the cool stories was about a Vista crack that some Dr. Chang made. The story was over at the blog. From what I understand pics don't do much to prove anything...they have a download at the bottom of the page, but I still don't put much faith in it. This lack of faith comes from Microsoft's mention that they will be releasing a "Frankenpatch" soon just for vista to counter some of the cracks out now. No word on what they are going to do about the KMS Server activation method peeps are using.

I hit up another geek story about a Alternative theory of gravity explains large structure formation -- without dark matter which was cool. This article tries to dispell the theory of dark matter with the theory that our formula of gravity or what we know about gravity has been wrong. Pretty interesting read.

Those are just a few...but you get the idea. I kind of wonder how many peeps do as I have done today...just read and surf...all day. hrm?

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