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Friday, December 22, 2006

Badass Windows Update Site/Tool

Ok peeps...this should be posted under "cool tools", but then I don't have the type of focus to organize this blog page...nor do I have that kind of anal attitude in the real world :P Anyway...there is a cool site called, WindizUpdate, which for those Mozillites out there it will allow you to keep your Windows system up to date. This little gem is not only for Mozilla Firefox/Firebird, but for Netscape/Opera/K-Meleon as well.

You install the plugin for your browser of choice then you go through the Windows Update Sequence as if you were using IE on the actual Windows Update site. So, it is pretty cool and handy.

By all means check out this awesome site at and you be the judge. that I think of it...I might be the late comer...if that is the case...then why didn't anyone let me know. If come you didn't know about this:P Rock on peeps...gotta go!

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