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Friday, December 22, 2006

In-Game Advertising

OK...I have not been a supporter of In-Game Ads. These are those ads that are strategically placed throughout todays games for both PC and Console. The reason for my lack of support stems from the point that if you have bought the game...why should you be subject to ads in this game. We all know how annoying some of these ads can get, but why should we be a means for game developers to cash in on your gameplay after they have already pocketed funds from you buying their product. I think another question to the effectiveness of ads is how much do gamers really pay attention to them. I think they are more concerned about getting knocked off or knocking someone off rather than stopping to take in these ads.

Well , enough of my rant...over at 2old2play, they have an article that addresses this issue and even goes on to report the findings that Bunnyfoot has done on in-game advertising. Pretty interesting...even if you have no takes on the subject.

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