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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Why write a proliferating virus?

I was reading an article over at Information Week via Reuters entitled "China Detains Six Over 'Panda' Computer Virus" (excuse the link of a link of a link crap...but I want to be honest on where I read this stuff and give credit where it is due!). The article is about six 20-something guys who got arrested for creating and spreading a virus to what is suspected to be over a million pc's and getting some money from it. Earlier I wrote about a hacker economy article and it shed alot of light on how a profit is to be made from all sorts of illegal acts, but to spread a most of these people really think they are going to get away with that?

I am sure they think they are so l33t that they have created the end all virus. However, in this day and time of mail and such being so important and the resulting outcry from the public to find anyone who does get a highly proliferated virus out can you think that you won't be found? I am not surprised that the Panda Virus dudes were young as this is generally something some that the younger peeps would try...naive or whatever or to see a quick buck to be made. In any seems that more and more of these people are in fact tracked down and held responsible for what they did.

I guess the sadder part of this story aside from the virus spreading and the fact that so many people still open these emails. What to do?

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