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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Really think of the licensing you will use...

I am sure this is one of those stories that every blogger has hit on in the last few days, but I still feel a need to post on the subject as well. Seth Godin a great blogger...found the raw end of the deal for something that was intended to be free. He wrote an e-book entitled "Everyone's An Expert (about something)" that is freely available on his site. Well one of his readers, Anders, found something that kind of shocked Seth...his free e-book had been published and put up for sale on Amazon as a new book...when the free version has been out since '05. In any sucks, creative commons license or not, that someone can take your work that you so nicely put out for people to read and learn from. In my opinion his work has been "stolen for profit" as I am sure the publisher wouldn't touch such a thing without coming out of it ahead or above the investment to print it.

I don't know if Amazon has been made aware of it, but I have to agree with Anders that if it isn't taken down regardless of the creative license that I too will shun away from adds for Amazon. I am a little fish in the pond, but my decision would stand is about the time that if Amazon were reading this they would break into laughter.

Read more on this matter in the links I posted and by all means...DON'T BUY THE AMAZON it for free.

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