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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Research shows 70% of websites are hackable!?

If you were like me...when you read the title you probably either thought "Oh Shit!" or "'ALL' sites are hackable". I must admit both of those thoughts went through my head when I read the article "Study: 70% Of Web Sites Are Hackable" @ Information Week. They said there were 3600 sites that they scanned in the course of a year and found up to 66 vulnerabilities on each site and that 91% contained some form of a vulnerability. When I read that 91% had some form of a vulnerability...I figured that kind of contradicted the 70% total in the title...and really...depending on the determination of the "hacker" I would say "ALL" sites are hackable.

I have to admit that when I do read these types of articles that scan so few of the total number of sites that are out makes me wonder if they only scanned one hosting company, how broad was this "scan", and other thoughts along those lines. It was a good read and even though I am skeptical as to the numbers, I figure they ar low balling it, you do wonder if your site was in this evaluation.

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