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Monday, April 2, 2007

Guess what? Another themed laptop!

Well it appears there is yet another comer to the car themed is HP and it's Maybach. I am guessing this is another PC manufacturer trying to capitalize on a market of car enthusiasts, but how many real enthusiasts are there for a freakin' Maybach. The car isn't sporty...more designed for luxury than anything...but when you are looking at the Maybach price tag...why not go ahead and get a Rolls or something. I guess the same can go for this beast...if you can pay for this with it's $4,000 price tag...then why not go with something proven...get an Alienware or a Falcon? In any event...this was stumbled upon over at Gizmodo in the article "HP Maybach Laptop Follows in the Skidmarks of Ferrari and Lamborghini".

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