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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Asus C90...upgradeable laptop...ABOUT TIME!!!

Well folks...FINALLY...a laptop manufacturer has jumped onto the bandwagon of making it easier for people to upgrade their laptop components themselves vs getting a new one. It seems that for years I have wondered why laptop manufacturers haven't made it so "joe user" could upgrade components in laptops, as the alternative solution of buying a new laptop is just not really an option for the majority of folks that are cash strapped or just can't afford to buy a new laptop as technology changes. However, these people might be able to afford an upgrade on the component level...a processor, video card, etc...and thus still have a somewhat current machine. Way to go Asus...I wish you much success with the C90.

Now onto some of the specs on this bad boy (specs as per the article at Notebook Review "Asus C90 Customizable Notebook Hands on at Asus Headquarters (pics)"):
* Supports Intel Conroe desktop processor platform, 1.86GHz - 2.66 GHz (E6700)
* 15.4" screen
* 2.0 Megapixel camera built-in
* Bluetooth
* TV-Tuner integrated
* 8-in-1 media card reader
* 802.11n
* Graphics: NVidia (???? -- we can't tell)
* Finger Print reader
* HD-DVD and Blu-Ray drive capable
* 3 USB ports
* Piano gloss finish with inlaid pattern

Notice the first spec..."Desktop Processor Platform"...which translated means this little lady must get pretty damn hot. However, if you check out the pics in the Notebook Review article you will see that this laptop has a ton of freakin' ventholes and an obscene looking exhaust port. I am sure this dude will stay cool with everything listed before and the heatpipe cooling it appears to be using for the video, cpu, and chipset. The only drawback apparently is the battery...seems this joker will give you only 14 minutes up time under max load when it isn't suckling power from the socket. I would love to get a hands on of these things...but for now I will be content with the pictures. Check the jumps for more info!

- "Asus C90 Customizable Notebook Hands on at Asus Headquarters (pics)" @ Notebook Review
- "Hands on: Asus' Core 2 Duo-powered C90S notebook" @ Maximum PC
- "Asus C90 Will Be First User Upgradeable Lappie" @ Gizmodo

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