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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Now the U.S. wants the keys to the Internet...WTF?

I stumbled across this article on Digg...yes I Digg...and well it was very concerning to me that the U.S. wants the keys to the Internet or put precisely as per the article entitled "Department of Homeland and Security wants master key for DNS" @ Heise Online:

"(The DHS; The Department of Homeland Security)wants to have the key to sign the DNS root zone solidly in the hands of the US government. This ultimate master key would then allow authorities to track DNS Security Extensions (DNSSec) all the way back to the servers that represent the name system's root zone on the Internet. The "key-signing key" signs the zone key, which is held by VeriSign."

This just sucks...especially when you think of the track record of the U.S.'s snooping on phones, mail, and god knows what think that they also want to have control and the ability to snoop what people are doing...well that just doesn't sit well with me. I mean if the purpose was to get the bad people in world, which equates to just about anyone by DHS standards, I would be cool. However, on the other hand...I just want to government to keep it's nose out of my business and anyone elses', which is ironic as the Internet's whole purpose was a government minded one.

In any event I do hope this gets out and through public outrage this doesn't come to fruition.

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