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Monday, March 26, 2007

Your suing for what?

Okay...imagine if you will...a time...when you go and make a purchase and well...the main competitor of the brand of item you bought...SUES YOU...for the reason that "you didn't make the RIGHT choice"?! Well, if you are like did the your inner voice as well...maybe out loud if you were shocked enough.

I came across this article at entitled "Voting device pact at issue/Firm sues over snub by state". I wasn't quite so shocked when I read that Diebold was doing I am suspicious of any manufacturer of voting machines that isn't totally transparent in the quality of said product or code. Hehe...had to get that out! In any event...Diebold is suing Massachusetts for its choice of devices that will aid in the handicapped voting...appears they chose the competitor as the best fit and it doesn't sit well with Diebold. Yeah...WTF! Although it has already been deemed as a frivolous still makes ya wonder.

It makes you wonder if this might be the wave of future lawsuits from large corporations against competing smaller companies...with the premise being you product doesn't compare...cease and desist. Could it be a future tool of business to sue a companies choice of product or contract...because it is "not as good" as the other. It does seem like a scary path...that I do hope we will never see. Great article though...jump it!

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