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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Vista Ultimate is Bull$h%^!!!!

More Vista Bull$h%^!!!!
I don't know why Microsoft would sell so many damn versions of Windows and save all the cool goodness for those that have the ability to fork over the exuberant cost of Vista Ultimate. I was checking Microsofts Download Center and came across a little application called DreamScene and after doing some research on this bad boy, especially via YouTube, I think I NEED to have this. However, I I am a lowly Vista Home Premium user and as not deserve to get my grubby little hands on this. I also can't believe I missed talk of this prior to today...I read A LOT of stuff on tech everyday...yet missed this cool app.

I do hope that Microsoft will change it's plans on what versions of Vista they will release this too...uhh...including Home Premium. Grrrrr!

Okay...after doing a lot of reading and so on about Vista Ultimate, DreamScene, and some other things. I felt I needed to retract my article from yesterday. I did manage to find a alternative DreamScene solution for Vista Home Premium that even works with XP. I figured that I had managed to shoot down "The Man" and find an alternative...but ya know...after using it for even a little bit...I was actually annoyed by the animated desktop. So, I cannot imagine that DreamScene is actually worth it...or the hype it has is a toy or eye candy as most of those "extras" are for Ultimate. I guess where I am going with this is...I feel that in my neurotic way...I made the right choice in selecting Home Premium over Ultimate from a financial standpoint and that of optimal use for me.

In the future I will do a little more research before I go off on a rant. I will link at the bottom the page that has the alternative live desktop GUI/application for those of you who want a little bling on the desktop.

Official Page at WinCustomize
YouTube DreamScene Videos
Animated Desktop @ WinMatrix (Alternate animated desktop)

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