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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Are M$ products getting more expensive?

ZDNet has an article that debates just that..."Is Windows getting more expensive?". Well I think overall the prices are about on par with past prices. However, that means one of two things...they are being pretty fair about how they price their good against current market value orrrr they have always been overpriced and they are just being consistent. I for one think that they have always been overpriced and in a sense encourage people to go to whatever means they have to in order to get a copy. I am not saying that most of those that pirate are doing that because it is "too expensive", as I am positive that some of these jokers can in fact afford it and choose not to buy it. Another segment are those that might not be able to afford it now...but could at some point purchase it. I am sure A LOT of folks that have been using a non-legit versions of Windows, in this case, would be more than willing to fork over the dough if the prices were a little more reasonable.

With the revelations of whole countries and Russian teachers that without pirated copies of Windows...they wouldn't have been able to keep up or compete with the rest of the world in OS knowledge and more. This since Microsoft's products are widely used by many corporations and the private sector around the world...thus leaving those that can't afford such software "wanting" and when someone is in this state...the lure of the alternative...FREE in this case will take hold.

I am no fool...I know that in order to sustain a company you must make profits...but at what level do those profits become something more than just a reward for a good product or service. When success takes hold of a the companies that provide those products or services have any reason to cut costs? even minutely? In a perfect world these cuts would come forth at the will of the companies...while not cutting profits would still give the customer something. Some would think that this should be the case even more so for those that have a monopoly in any given market. Windows in this case...has managed to become the sole software of choice, sit down Mac users and shut up...Windows is still used by the majority, and as such is used predominantly across the globe. Are there any REAL competitors for this sector or user base? Some will say Mac...some will say Linux...but do any of these offer any advantage over Windows? If they do...will these alternatives not scare the shit out of someone who is scared of change? Is it easy to learn?

I guess or hope I have made my point...and that is I do think Windows is too expensive...and that Microsoft can do more to lower the cost of Windows, as most companies can do to lower the cost of their products or services. What do you think?

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