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Friday, March 2, 2007

Bust the mic...

I was doing some fun surfin'...hitting up YouTube and other sites...looking up videos from the 80's, blues stuff, any musician that came to mind, then I decided I was going to look up videos by TACT an Israeli rap group I believe, and finally I was going to take that rap thing further and just look up middle eastern rap. all I have to say! If you think that American rap is in your face and deals with experience...then after you see some of these middle eastern rap videos you will wonder what American rappers are bitchin' about. I am not going to link videos in this post as I don't want some kid to stumble into some of the very graphic and violent videos that are displayed in some of these videos. A good majority hated America(ns) from some of the graphics, pictures, and video clips used in some of these videos. I couldn't even begin to pass on the message as I don't speak the respective language from each country, but I can say I like the sound of some of the rap coming out of this region. Granted the ones I liked were probably also telling on how they would like to kill me...but from a music standpoint, rhythm and overall sound, it was pretty good. I would love to get one of the videos in particular translated, it was titled Turkey Rap, and from the comments for the video I don't think there was any love for Israel there. My original search for TACT videos turned up a lot of TACT stuff and again...although I do not know a word of what they were saying...I do know they rap about not only their day to day experience, but also for peace in the middle east. I heard of TACT from some news show here...I can't remember which, but I found the idea of Middle Eastern rap interesting.

For the record...I am all about music, all types, and in no way do I condone any violence towards another for any reason. However, I do like to experience something new in regards to music particularly...and the internet has opened up access to things that I would have never thought to seek out previously. I do encourage everyone to check out some of the music you can find out there from other parts of the might be surprised what you may find. Even if they want to kill ya! :P

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