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Friday, March 2, 2007

Keznews gets ya keys via Brute Force...

I read this earlier...but when I went back to was down...I wonder why. The reason is...Keznews released an article and the actual software for a means to generate a key by brute force...a key that is actually legit. The keys it will generate will allow you to authenticate with Microsoft.

The process involves backing up a file and replacing it with the one included in the brute force program...then let it get started. Several folks on the Keznews forum have reported getting a key in under a few hours of hashing and it seems EVERYONE that used it was genuine within that time give or take an hour. The beauty in this, like it was pointed out in "Vista activation cracked by brute force" an article at THE INQUIRER.

I really don't know how MS will deal with this it has the potential to generate legit keys of retail versions of Vista, those not purchased yet. So, how to discern is hard, although as stated in THE INQUIRER article...they can limit the number of attempts via some update to the file in question. However, even that will be circumvented I am sure...or has been already...just not floating around yet. Here come some more links:
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