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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Faster DNS...and FREE!

I am sure a majority of folks that were keen on reading something about DNS already know about OpenDNS...from which these two IP's have become famous:

OpenDNS is a freakin' great site if you need to block Adult Content, Phishing Sites, a large DNS Cache, and a means for more customization once you sign up for an account. I actually have set this service up for many people and can't say enough about it if you need content blocking and more security.

However, I don't care about all that...I want DNS Servers somewhat faster but more importantly reliably faster than the ones that are provided by Comcast. That is when I found the following list of free DNS Servers:
Service provider:
Public Name server IP address:

It turns out that is a DNS Service of Verizon that like OpenDNS finds the nearest city to ones location and will use that Server. I have found a slight speed advantage in these 4.2.2x Servers over OpenDNS, but you be the judge. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Could you please speak English? I am not a computer guru like you!

Thanks for giving me lots of use less information for my Jeopardy attempts.