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Thursday, March 13, 2008

DD-WRT - Open up your router...

I can't give this router firmware enough just rules and is always getting better through the development team over at .

On my lowly WHR-G54S it has turned this $40 router into something quite a bit more impressive. Using the one that I do have as a Client Bridge at one point to a Repeater Bridge at another. I have also upped the capabilities and reliability of my Linksys WRT-150N to a router that for one doesn't lose the wireless connection every 15 minutes like the stock Linksys firmware well as making it a more secure and tweakable unit.

Hit up their site...and by all means check out their Wiki page to see exactly what this firmware can do for you router. FanBoy moment is over :P

Just an FYI...DD-WRT has inspired me to try my hand at a PC based LAN/Wireless router...I will let you know how that goes!?!

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