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Monday, July 16, 2007

PC-BSD Unix for the desktop...

I vaguely remember hearing about this project some time ago, but until recently I haven't done anything with it. The project in question is PC-BSD a Unix system based on FREE-BSD and being a BSD user...I had to check it out. I had no idea what to expect when I downloaded this alternative to the many Linux distros out there, but after reading up on their looked cool.

The installation was a breeze with its graphical menus and it even installed all my hardware without a hitch...yes even my wireless NIC. The only real problem I ran into in the initial setup was connecting to my home wifi network that is secured with WPA-PSK. Connecting to any WPA network seems to be a pain the butt for the many Linux why shouldn't it be for the Unix platform. It took a little work...but soon I was online and getting updates for this bad boy. After all the automatic updates were done I decided to hit up the PC-BSD website and see what packages they had. This is were this particular distro gets cool and I would imagine make installing things a lot easier for the novice.

The packages, PBI files, are similar to the exe, msi, and etc. files you use with Windows and the people at PC-BSD have done a great job of covering everything from Chat to Web Apps and everything in between. They have even made PBI files for games for goodness sakes...which under Linux can take awhile...but here it is just a single file. Now they don't have PBI's for everything just yet...but they are continually updating their library, which more recently includes viewers for MS WORD, Powerpoint, and Excel.

If you have a spare PC, Laptop, or even a spare partition...this little distro is worth a look.

- DistroWatch

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